Januari 19, 2019


About AriWarna | Ari Warna

Karena saya emang ngk bisa bikin content about us maka konten di page ini saya kutip dari sini 😀

slider_photo_03He is quiet person for any problem or whatever happening around him.
He like to spend his free time with his lovely Family.
Aca is nickname of his daughter and his wife truely love to playing the game with Warna.
If you guys see them together on one game, just look like brothers and sisters. He realy love his mom so he take decision to stay one home with his mom.
Well, Warna has a very beautiful and peaceful family.

Warna is a big asset of Pradesga Indonesia.
He is prefer and has the best experience to work on HTML-5, Java Script, WordPress custom, CSS-3, Responsip layout. Then recently warna as Web and Program Analys system in Pradesga Indonesia.

Since he worked in Korea for several year, he has better understand and more experience about korean lifestyle and some culture. While on his stressing of workday, He also love to write a book or a blog with romance style. Try me!

Welcome to Pradesga Indonesia and stay close with unique people.
Thank you to be enjoy reading, but without you witness and to contact each of us.
You are just thinking of us.
Came on any time you wish. We waiting 24 x 7.
Thank you, I like You!!!


begitu kurang lebih kata-kata yang ada di Pradesga tempat di mana saiya bekerja sejak tahun 2012 sampai sekarang bersama orang-orang yang super duper maksimal dan menyenangkan.